Wild weather and other extreme fishing trips

Fishing for thousands of days over the past 30-plus years, I’ve encountered some pretty wild weather. Here are a few of the extremes that really stand out from the other ...

Trick casting with Tom Redington

After making millions of casts in a lifetime, fishing pros like Tom Redington can get pretty precise with their casts.

25 funny fish jokes

What do you get when you cross a fishing lure with a gym sock? Find out in our collection of hilarious fishing jokes.

How to Get Started Fishing

Where to find big bass

Here are some of the top areas to search for big bass. ...

Essential fishing gear to get started

Heading out to try fishing for the first time? Or maybe it ...

How to catch different types of fish

Where, when and how to catch various species of fish.

Fishing Advice and Fun

Better casts equal more fish

Casting accuracy is the easiest way to start catching more fish. The more often you put your lure in places where fish are likely to live, the better your odds of catching them.

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How to read sonar and other fishing electronics

It used to take years to figure out what was on your graph. Now with DownScan and StructureScan from Lowrance, it’s easy. Fishing pro Tom Redington shows how the latest fishing technology makes it super-easy to find fish, trees, structures, and bottom.

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Recommended fishing rod

Q. What type of rod would you recommend to someone?

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Finding cheap rod and reel combos

Q. I’m going fishing tomorrow, and I would like to know if you know where some cheap rod and reel combos are?

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How to catch a smallmouth bass

Q. I have never caught a bass in my life, even though I’ve been fishing a lot. I really want to catch a smallmouth bass. What are you’re suggestions? Here’s the question: How do I catch a smallmouth bass?

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Can I fix a rod tip?

Q. I broke the tip off my rod. Can I fix it?

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Best crankbait for trout

Q. What size crankbaits would be best for trout? (Rainbow, brown, and brook trout are the ones that I want to catch.) And what type (lipless, pin’s minnow, topwater popper, etc.)

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How to keep lines from snagging

Q. How do I keep my line from getting tangled on logs or other debris in the water?

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How to properly handle fish

Fishing pro Tom Redington explains how to properly handle largemouth bass and other fish to prevent harming them before releasing. Releasing sport fish ensures more and bigger fish for future fishing trips.

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Bladed jigs for big fish

Professional bass fisherman Tom Redington shows how bladed jigs like the Chatterbait are one of the bass pros’ favorite lures anytime largemouth bass are chasing shad or minnows.

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