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Ask a Fishing Expert Q&A

Best baits for catfish?

Catfish have an excellent sense of taste and smell, and usually the stinkier the better for baits for them.  

Where to find worms for bait?

Getting the bait was half the fun of fishing as a kid, but I take the easy way out these days and buy a dozen or two at the local tackle store for a few bucks.  

Best time to fish?

For most species of fish, I find they bite best in the shallows near dawn and dusk, whereas the fish in deeper water often bite best during the middle of the day.  

How to catch a smallmouth bass?

Q. I have never caught a bass in my life, even though I've been fishing a lot. I really want to catch a smallmouth bass. What are you're suggestions? Here's the question: How do I catch a smallmouth bass?  

Best crankbait for trout?

Q. What size crankbaits would be best for trout? (Rainbow, brown, and brook trout are the ones that I want to catch.) And what type (lipless, pin's minnow, topwater popper, etc.)  
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