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Using a trolling motor

Trolling motors are battery-powered engines used to move a boat quietly around the shallows without spooking the fish. Pro angler Tom Redington demonstrates how one works.  

How to Tie a Palomar Knot

The palomar is one of the easiest, most versatile fishing knots. Pro angler Tom Redington demonstrates how to tie it.  

8 fishing knots to know

Can you imagine going fishing without knowing how to tie an improved clinch knot? Or a double surgeon's loop? Neither can we.  

How to do the Shooter Cast

The Shooter is a fun and effective way to cast a line under docks or other overhanging obstacles. Fishing champ Aaron McAlexander shows you how it's done.  

How to make a minnow trap

You're ready for fishing. You've got everything ... but bait. And no cash to buy any. Well, forget throwing money at minnows. Gather your own! It's simple with this easy-to make trap.  
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