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How to ‘walk the dog’ for big fish

"Walking the dog" with topwater lures is a great way to catch lots of big bass. With just a few basic steps, fishing pro Tom Redington teaches you how to use this effective fishing technique.  

Does noise or talking scare fish?

Be quiet or you'll scare the fish. How many times have you heard that? Fishing pro Tom Redington (quietly) explains which noises will and won't scare fish like largemouth bass.  

Where to catch bass in the spring

With big largemouth bass moving shallow to spawn in the spring, fishing pro Tom Redington explains how to catch bass during spring warming trends and also where to find bass after cold fronts slow down the bite.  

How to protect yourself from the sun when fishing

For anyone spending time on the water, too much sun exposure can have long-lasting effects, from aging spots and wrinkles to skin cancer. Fishing pro Tom Redington gives a few simple tips to protect yourself from the sun, while keeping cool in the process.  

Using a trolling motor

Trolling motors are battery-powered engines used to move a boat quietly around the shallows without spooking the fish. Pro angler Tom Redington demonstrates how one works.  

How to Tie a Palomar Knot

The palomar is one of the easiest, most versatile fishing knots. Pro angler Tom Redington demonstrates how to tie it.  

How to do the Shooter Cast

The Shooter is a fun and effective way to cast a line under docks or other overhanging obstacles. Fishing champ Aaron McAlexander shows you how it's done.  
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