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A Few Fishing Quotes I Like

So many good fishing quotes to choose from, but here are a few I like. Have any good fishing quotes? If so, share them with me in the comments section!

Fishing Advice

How to Fish With Crankbaits

Crankbaits are a great way to cover a lot of water and quickly find fish. Here are some tips on using crankbaits effectively so that you’ll catch more fish.

Fishing Advice

Where to Find Big Bass

Here are some of the top areas to search for big bass. Try a variety of these places, and you’ll hook up sooner and more consistently than by just randomly wandering about.

Fishing Advice

How to Read Sonar and Other Fishing Electronics

It used to take years to figure out what was on your graph. Now with DownScan and StructureScan from Lowrance, it’s easy. Fishing pro Tom Redington shows how the latest fishing technology makes it super-easy to find fish, trees, structures, and bottom.

Fishing Advice

Bladed Jigs for Big Fish

Professional bass fisherman Tom Redington shows how bladed jigs like the Chatterbait are one of the bass pros’ favorite lures anytime largemouth bass are chasing shad or minnows.

Fishing Advice

Can Fish See Color?

Fishing lures come in hundreds of colors, but can fish even see color? If so, how well? Fishing pro Tom Redington explains the color vision of bass and how scientist discovered the answer about fish’ color vision.

Fishing Advice

Should You Reel With Your Right or Left Hand?

Which hand should you use when reeling in a fishing reel? Fishing pro Tom Redington helps you chose whether to use a left or right hand fishing reel to help you catch more fish.